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Bihu Collection

A collection of cushion covers inspired from people and art of Assam. Bihu is the chief festival of Assam in India and symbolizes 3 different meanings for the people – a) end of the harvesting season, b) start of assamese new year and c) to ward off evil.

Why name our collection Bihu? Because Bihu = HouseOfEkam. Bihu is celebrated by everyone in Assam and worldwide irrespective of religion, caste and creed. It brings together/unites the people of Assam. Bihu is what HouseOfEkam stands for, to create products that unite your home.

Each cushion cover is hand loomed by the artisans in Assam taking cues from traditional Assamese motifs like the one horned rhino or the bihu dancing ladies. Made on 100% organic cotton and tassar ghicha with multiple natural dyes, this is the collection we are most proud of.
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