DIY Citrus + Rock Salt Diffuser

So as you guys know, I have been experimenting a bit with home fragrances and thought of introducing another cool way to infuse some citrus smells in your homes. This one is again extremely easy and requires very less ingredients and looks super pretty.

It is our take on citrus + salt fragrances. I am also trying them for the first time so fingers crossed. 

Ingredients needed:

-Citrus fruits like Lemon, Orange/Mandarin, Grapefruit even Sweet Lime can do

- Rock Salt- Any rock salt would do. Higher the quality (eg. Himalayan pink salt etc.) the better but for trying out purpose, go for the basic one and once you get the hang of it, use the more expensive one. The salt helps in being a home for the fruit and essentials oils and also absorbs the bad odour around

- Essential oils (preferably flavored but even a basic one would do)

To prepare the fruit holding the salt and essentials oils, scoop out the fruit after cutting it into half. I would recommend letting a tiny bit of the fruit to be in the scoop bowl for added fragrance. Now lets try some awesome combinations!

citrus rock salt diffuser

Orange + Clove

  • Cut the orange in half, scoop out the orange fruit and fill the orange bowl with rock salt
  • Add 3-4 pieces of cloves and pour 2-3 drops clove essential oil. If you don’t have clove essential oil you can pour in a standard essential oil. I used the jasmine essential oil I got from Bali as a thrift buy and it worked fine as well.
  • Why I am telling you not to invest in specific essential oils is 1) they’re expensive 2) only buy them if you’ll use it later, just buying for this DIY doesn’t make sense and 3) why not experiment with what you have available
  • Stir the salt with other ingredients and place it on a flat tray or by your bedside 

Tip- Squeeze in a little extra orange juice on top of the salt to give it a more fruity flavour. You can modify as per your liking. 

citrus rock salt diffuser diy

Lemon + Mint

If you’re lucky and you are in possession of the big hilly lemons then it is going to look visually more stunning with better fragrance but even if you use 3-4 of the small nimbus available at your grocery store it shoud be good. Follow the same steps as above, scoop out the lemon, put rock salt in the scooped out fruit bowl, add some mint leaves and put 3-4 drops of lime essential oil. Again you can use a simple essential oil and try.

Stir in the salt with other ingredients and enjoy the fragrance.

Monsoon Special

This is a special edit as I have some pure kannauj origin (scent of rain) essential oil. I had no idea that such a fragrance exists in a bottle but I discovered it when making a special surprise gift for my husband last year who adores the smell of rain so to surprise him, I gifted him the 'miti itar' in a box. To use this, one thing which very well goes with summers is lime but I wanted to try something different so why not sweet lime?

Scoop out the sweet lime, put the salt in, add 2-3 drops of this 'scent of rain' oil with some cardamom and see the magic.

citrus rock salt diffuser diy

Longevity- All the fragrances will last for a few days and you can keep adding the essential oils to the mix when you think the fragrance has evaporated or replace the salt.

Isn’t this the most economical and non-hassle way of making your smell homes smell good? Why don’t you guys try this at home today and let me know. Super excited to know your results.



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