DIY Rose Infused Oil

By this blog you must be thinking that this woman has gone mad about fragrances and she keeps writing about making some fragrance or the other. Well you aren’t wrong, I have been in this fragrance loving phase since a while and there’s a very strong reason to it which I will tell you later.

This blog will help you make rose infused oil in no time. Its insanely easy and has multiple benefits for skin and hair. Let’s start with on the ingredients needed and then I can tell you about the process.


  • Organic roses (either plucked from your garden or roses you are 100% sure don’t have any pesticides; avoid using the roses available at the florist. I used the ‘desi gulaab’ which are offered to the diety in festivals etc. and ensured they have no external agents used to make them grow)
    • This is very important as you’ll be using this oil on your hair/skin so please don’t take a chance
  • Small glass container to store the oil
  • Any vegetable oil with no fragrance of its own- I used olive oil
  • A pan to make a water bath
  • Spoon



  • Pluck out the petals from the roses and break them into pieces (if the petals are too big)
  • Put the petals in the glass container so its half full


  • Pour olive oil in the glass container so that it just covers all the rose petals


  • Put the rest of the rose petals in the glass container to cover till the top


  • Stir the petals properly so that all the rose petals are completely wet 


  • Heat water in a pan (water level should be enough to cover half of the container)
  • Let the water come to a boil and then turn off the heat
  • Put the container in the just boiled water and let the water cool
    • The warm water helps the rose petals infuse its fragrance and freshness into the oil


  • Once cooled, remove the container from the water bath and let the oil settle for 24-48 hours
  • Optional- Strain the oil into another container from the roses using any normal strainer. You get pure rose infused oil with no rose petals. In case you would like the fragrance to be stronger, you can put some freshly cut rose petals over the top


This is the first time I am making it as well so I’ll update this section but the oil can be used for your cuticles, ends of your hair or even for aromatherapy.

Try it out at home today and we would love to see how it turns out.

Tip- Try making a small batch first to experiment.  Also before applying on your skin or hair, always do it on a small patch first to check if you aren’t having any allergic reactions etc.





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