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    Always wanted to create your own creation using colours/looms or blocks? Active hands started by Vineeta as a small initiative to provide every child an opportunity to explore and express the joy of working with tactile materials to create endless creative expressions that can stimulate and rejuvenate both mind and body. We at House Of Ekam are proud to be associated with this initiative.

    With each kit you learn the nuances of a traditional craft process through a contemporary multidisciplinary approach. The kits have been carefully designed to develop and enhance hand skills, design aesthetics, technical ability, craft sensibility and appreciation. All age groups infact even adults can equally enjoy and experience a sense of achievement, as they see their kit turn into a creative, functional and utility product.

    11 products
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    mosaic art diy kit
    Mosaic Art Tray DIY kit
    Rs. 760.00
    Dried Press Flower Making DIY Kit
    Rs. 750.00
    Handmade Paper Making DIY Kit
    Rs. 870.00
    Natural Soap Making DIY Kit
    Rs. 750.00
    Blockprinting DIY Kit
    Rs. 850.00
    Indigo Clamp Dyeing DIY Kit
    Rs. 999.00
    Book Binding Making DIY Kit
    Rs. 800.00
    Weaving Loom Fibre to Fabric Craft Design DIY Kit
    Rs. 899.00
    Origami Cloth Bags DIY Kit
    Rs. 800.00
    Paper Maiche Making DIY Kit
    Rs. 750.00
    Herbal Tie & Dye DIY Kit
    Rs. 850.00
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