5 things to do this Christmas 2019

Might be a little late to the party but other than just decorating the tree and drinking umpteen amounts of hot chocolate I thought of penning down top 5 things I would like to do this Christmas. Its completely personal but I hope some of you take notice and try it out.

 1. Write your 2020 goals/resolutions this Christmas

So as always one gets a shock when the new year bells on 1st January and rather than being excited and ready to make a fresh start one spends a lot of time writing their resolutions (even if you're not a resolution type of person) just writing your 2020 goals would help a lot to achieve your dreams. After all its 2020 baby!

So why wait till 1st Jan, why not write your 2020 goals in a form of a santa letter and keep it under the tree? Its after all what you're wishing for so nothing makes a better gift.

 2020 goals christmas list resolutions

2. Donate your old clothes/toys/things/anything- just declutter

If end of the year isn't a time then I dont know what is! Its the perfect time to declutter and start a fresh for the next year. The best way to start is to first get rid of your unused or over worn clothes. This is typically hard for me because am a hoarder and I buy and buy but over the years I've shrinked my wardrobe a lot and this Christmas eve am planning to do more.

So if you've not used an article of clothing in the last 1 year, chances are you'll not use it ever. So get started to organize your wardrobe NOW.

 christmas new yea resolution list

3. Spend time with your loved ones

Cliche but definitely one should. Not just Christmas but spend time with your loved ones as much as you can specially your parents, kids, siblings, spouse and friends. Take a holiday together or just do any fun activity in a room (with no phones). Its these small joys which count.

For starters just give your folks a call (not message, CALL). I know how convenient a message seems but the good old call or even a handwritten letter will be better. Ditch whatsapp and see the magic

 christmas new year resolution spend time with your loved ones

4. Start a new tradition

With so much joy, Christmas is the perfect time to start a new tradition that will live on in years to come. It can be anything from a special dish you cook every holiday season 

 christmas cake bake photo

P.C Pinterest

to a handwritten letters you send to your loved ones or learning something new. Make it a point to do something new (not necessarily every year but give it a go). I promise you will love it.

christmas new year resolution letter to santa

5. Cozy up/Introspect/ Relax by the window (wanted to say by the fireside but its Ahmedabad and I have my fan on so )

With such a busy year that has passed, now is the perfect time to sit down in that pretty guest blanket (that you have been saving for the queen), take out those beautiful mugs (yet again saving for that perfect occasion) sip some water/coffee/tea (whatever floats your boat) and just zone out.

P.C Pinterest

Introspect, think of all the good things that happened this year and be grateful about them. 

This can serve as a perfect reminder as to why you did certain things in a certain way this year and being happy about how things turned out. 

Even if you do 1 of these things, please please tag us! Just let us know if this post had any sort of positive effect on you and I'll be truly one of the happiest. Its a heartfelt post <3

Fa La La La La Lalalala


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