A visit to the indigo exhibition

A lot of you might be aware about my dislike for Ahmadabad considering am a Delhi girl but sometimes the city surprises me and the Indigo exhibition was one of those things. Happening currently at the Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum, the exhibit is on till 31st March, 2019 and is a treat to the eye.

Spread across multiple rooms and the gardens, it takes you through a journey of how Indigo came into being right from finding the Indigo plant to using it in fabrics. A prime example of using Indigo is its usage in manufacturing of jeans which the company Arvind is a master at. Having been in the business since decades Arvind is one of the few companies who uses Indigo in a myraid no. of ways and hence the exhibition was organized my Mr. Lalbhai, founder and chairman of Arvind group of industries.


We started with the gardens and oh boy we were floored. The gardens had a victorian fountain with beautiful indigo setups. A well manicured lawn with the prettiest shrubs and a palatial bungalow in the background.


I couldn't believe this was in Ahmadabad. 


The exhibition had different artists from all around the world showcasing their work with Indigo. Be it Indigo jute wall art or Indigo sculptures, it was hard to believe that so much could be done with a single colour and so beautifully.Indigo_exhbition

There were Indigo fabrics hanging in the air and Indigo threads tied to a tree making a 3D effect. 


An exhibition organized by Arvind and no mention of jeans? Obviously not! Look at the below picture to see what am talking about.


One more fascinating display was the use of Indigo in paper art. Handcrafted paper art in hues of Indigo framed for the wall.


We absolutely LOVED the exhibition and couldn't click enough pictures of the place as well as the exhibition. There are very few people/organizations who take the pain of exhibiting a forgotten art like Indigo and just for the hardwork put in, it is a must visit. Every display is well thought of. The only drawback I could point would be more focus on Indigo's use in fabrics. For a textile lover, I went for that :)

Here I am showing off our new range of bags!Indigo_exhibition

Lots of love,


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