Grapefruit Vase Arrangement DIY

Writing after very very long and this time I just couldn’t help but experimenting with this DIY at home. Looks super easy on Pinterest and in videos but I was quite skeptical about the look mainly because:

1. Size of the lemons in India is really small. Until and unless you’re living in the hills
2. Will oranges and grapefruit be worth it?

DIY lemon grapefruit flower arrangement

Turns out, my grapefruit arrangement looks STUNNING! I am beyond happy on how this turned out and seriously feel like doing it every weekend but considering how lazy I am and with the baby its going to be tough. I had promised myself in writing a blog every week and that also hasn’t happened which honestly makes me very sad but a 8 month old about to crawl, a business with very ambitious targets, its getting tough every day. Enough of my rant, lets talk  about making this beautiful sunshine lemon or any fruity flower arrangement.


citrus flower arrangement

I used grapefruit instead of lemons or oranges and the colour looks beautiful. The right amount of pastel with my white baby breath flowers, it’s a flower arrangement worth pinning.

DIY flower arrangement
What you need:

  •  2 glass jars so that one can go inside the other; I used a round glass vase for the large size vase and my normal drinking glass for the smaller vase
  •  Any citrus fruit- Lemon/Malta/Grapefruit/Oranges/Tangerine etc.
  •  Knife
  •  Any kind of flowers that you would want to arrange

How to?

  • Cut round slices of your citrus fruit in my case Grapefruit
  • Put your small vase inside the large vase so that you know how much space you have to arrange the sliced fruit
  • Start arranging the fruit in the large vase outside the small vase so that the fruit sticks to the wall of the vase
  • Put your flowers inside the smaller vase
  • Voila, you have it! In a matter of 5 mins precisely you have yourself an arrangement which people will love

DIY flower arrangement


DIY flower arrangement

Not sure how long will it last as I just made it yesterday but I think they should last for 4-5 days. Since I used baby breath (which stays fresh without water for many days) and I can keep changing the fruit so you can have different type of floral arrangements every week. Next I’ll try with lemons 😊

lemon vase arrangement

Hope you like it and please tag us if you try at home.


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