How to decorate your rental apartment?

How to decorate your rental?

After a long day of working, socializing, and dealing with this fast-paced world, the one place you can rely on for an ounce of solace is in your home; your humble abode. Although, if it’s a rented apartment, making the place a reflection of your personality can turn out to be a confusing and tedious task because of the restrictions that come along with it. But to make it easier for you, we have a couple of home decor ideas that will not only tantalize your senses but also will be functional and easy on your pocket. 

Say Yes to Thrifting and DIY-ing 

Your home can be a mix of thrifting for what is otherwise expensive, DIY-ing for what is otherwise unavailable, and purchasing products that you consider an investment! All the while, keep in mind to not go overboard and always add an element that you think can easily be transported in case you decide to move. 

For instance, buying old furniture and revamping it according to your liking will not only add an essence of personalization but also won’t dig a hole in your pocket. And investing in something like wall art, curtains and tableware is an excellent idea because you can easily take them with you when and if you move! 

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Pay heed to every space in your house 

While the walls and corners of your house might be the first places you choose to decorate, don’t make the mistake of neglecting the floor and spaces like your balcony. Leaving the floors naked is like you forgetting to wear shoes with your well-thought-of outfit and who would want to do that? Adding handcrafted rugs to the floors can easily amp up any space. 

Choose rugs that are comfortable, cosy, and easy to maintain. You can even opt for jute rugs that will go with almost every colour palette in your house. 

Also, adding a rug to your entrance is the perfect way to introduce some patterns and colours making it a welcoming area. You can place similarly designed rugs in the other sections of your house as well which will create a visual connection between the two rooms. 


Another home decor tip is to introduce greenery in your apartment. This will enlighten your place while making it look beautiful. You can opt for snake plant, Syngonium, Money plant, and fiddle-leaf fig among others. 

Add artwork created by local artists

Artwork not only functions as a piece of decor but is a reflection of your thoughts. It creates an aura in your space that makes you feel belonged. Try and look for local artists when it comes to getting art pieces for your home. While they surely will be affordable, you will also be able to support a new and budding artist. Sometimes we tend to overlook what is right next to us and aim to get something inaccessible and expensive. 

Whether or not you choose to implement these home decor ideas is completely your choice but make sure whatever you do, you are keeping your comfort, liking and practicality in mind. After all, it’s your comfort space!

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