How to make ugly roses look beautiful?

I'll be honest and say it out loud- I HATE roses! I might be looked down and definitely judged because roses are everyone's favorite but not mine.

But recently I had the chance of buying #yIellowroses and I just couldn't hold myself. So I thought how I can turn these ugly looking things into something admirable?

The answer turned out to be very simple


Yes its that simple. I just opened each petal of the rose and voila the roses looked the most beautiful form of peonies. 

There's a small video showing just how I did it

If you want more assurance just look at how the arrangement turned out yourself.


yellow roses arrangement peonies


yellow roses peonies arrangement


- Don't turn the petal out too much that it breaks

- To make them fresh, sprinkle some water

- Don't trim the leaves of the roses, for me they're beautiful

- Put them in a clear vase 

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