Quarantine Receipe- Make your own Sundried tomatoes at home

With a lot of time to kill, cooking is a hobby I thought I’ll never take on but here we are. The first time I came to know that sundried tomatoes can be made at home was when I had gone with my best friend Komal to Bombaykery in Select Citywalk in Delhi. Our order was taken by a gentleman named Karan. We had ordered a chilli cheese toast and a cold coffee and Karan gave us a bowl of his homemade sundried tomatoes to try (just as a side).

how to make sundried tomatoes at home

I’ve had a variety of sundired tomatoes be it in salads, pizza, sauces but his tasted SO good. Immediately we asked him if we can buy these or how did he make these slightly tangy yet sweet tomatoes and he was kind enough to tell us that they were made by the restaurant in the oven! And later when we came to know that he was the owner of the restaurant we were really impressed. Small things go a long way. Infact later on we were featured in the same edition of LBB https://lbb.in/delhi/8-awesome-twosomes-you-ought-652ad9/ article 😊

how to make sundried tomatoes at home


So almost 6 months later and when I have the time, I decided to research the recipe online and make sundried tomatoes. As you know I always make super easy stuff (because am a newb) and this is a very easy recipe.

So question now is how to make them?


8-10 tomatoes


Pepper (optional)

Basil (optional)

How to make?

Remove the hard part of the tomato by slicing and if any stem.

how to make sundried tomatoes at home


Slice the tomato vertically into even slices (please try for even thick slices, I did uneven slices and some of them burnt ☹)

how to make sundried tomatoes at home

Remove the seeds without removing the pulp (if possible, in my case I was lazy and I couldn’t remove a lot of the seeds so I just let them be but don’t be lazy like me; LOL)

Put the cut slices on the oven baking tray, sprinkle salt, dried basil, pepper, thyme or any Italian seasoning you want

how to make sundried tomatoes at home

how to make sundried tomatoes at home

how to make sundried tomatoes at home

Put them on low heat (say 130-140 degree Celsius ) for an hour or two.

Tip- Please watch the tomatoes every 30 mins. Each tomato has different level of pulp and moisture so some tomatoes will dry faster than the others. I learnt this the ‘burnt’ way

That’s it, once you see the tomatoes dry and dehydrated sorts, take them out and preserve them in olive oil.

how to make sundried tomatoes at home


Use as toppings on pizza, pasta or salads 😊

Easy no?

Let me know if you try this please



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