What is a tea towel?

What is a tea towel?

This question has been asked by so many of you that I thought that its time to do a small blog post on it. Firstly why the name tea towel? So history says that earlier in the 18th century, the lady of the household used to use the towels to dry their china and delicate tea sets which were considered to be very important for the clumsy house helps. Also did you know, the towels were used to show off their embroidery skills by the women? 


Kitchen Fashion? Hell Yes!

P.C- Bindu Joseph

Our tea towels can also be used for exactly the same thing! Show off your pretty crockery or use them to dry the delicate serveware. Tea Towels always were made of flat woven fabric (like ours) and not terry towel fabric like a regular bath towel! Ours is made with 100% waffle like cotton, absorbs water and has beautiful handblocked designs.

Many of you might think about the uses of a tea towel? Why should one buy? Does it absorb water? Will the color bleed ? Is it just kitchen fashion? So I am going to answer all the questions!

  • Yes it absorbs water (~60%-70%) but not like your regular hand or bath towel
  • We have used colour fasteners so the colour wont bleed (until and unless you wash them everyday)
  • Hmm, yes it is sort of kitchen fashion

Answering the most important one, its many uses! Listing a few dow

  1. Enjoy them with your bowl of soup or cereal

Tea Towels make for great serving fashion and to catch the spills from your very hot soup or porridge.

  1. Dry your serveware or even veggies


With its original use, dry your dishes (we are actually using it for this) or keep your salad greens fresh. I’ve personally hated keeping my veggies on those old duster cloths.

  1. Wrap your breads or baked goods

Not everyone bakes but its an amazing way to keep your baked goods warm or even wrapping your recently bought sourdough bread


  1. Use them instead of placemats

Hot dishes and have the boring plastic placemats? Why not use these handmade beauties as a placemat on the dining table.


  1. Line your serving tray

Probably the easiest and a more stunning way to use the tea towel is to line your breakfast or evening snack tray. You’ll not be afraid of the spills later and it adds a nice touch, don’t you think?


P.C- Arpita Barma

These are the only ones that came to our mind now but there are tonnes more! Will keep adding to the list and we would love to see how you guys are using them in different ways! If you have any questions about the kitchen towels, please shoot away. 

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