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So I’ve been thinking about writing this blog since a really long time but have been procrastinating a lot on it, but finally got the time to write it and I hope you guys like it. 

We have been getting a lot of new followers recently on Instagram and Facebook and thought of doing a mini introduction of me aka Tanvi, co-founder of House Of Ekam. You must have seen me hiding my face or posting insta stories about travel, food and interiors.

So 'Hello' everyone, I am Tanvi the face behind House Of Ekam. I am a delhite and have recently shifted to Ahmedabad because of my husband’s job (don’t ask how Ahmedabad is :( ) I am a maths post graduate and have lived in Delhi and London. Started my career with Ernst and Young as a M&A professional (yes that boring) but soon realized my true calling towards e-commerce and joined FabFurnish.com.

Shamelessly posing on the street of Ubud

The stint with Fabfurnish was probably the most enriching and joyful time of my life. You know how people say love what you do and you’ll never regret getting ready for work? Well, that’s what everyday for me was, loving every second at work. But FabFurnish couldn’t stand the test of ecommerce bubble and failed to raise adequate money and got shut down after 5 years.

House Of Ekam is my baby and I run it with my husband, Brij. Me and my husband are involved in each and every step of Ekam’s functioning be it sourcing, designing and shooting products or even packing the orders. We are a very small team (yes! Shocking but we are).

 Kerala, my favourite place in India

Rather than doing a really long blog post just going gaga over myself, I thought I’ll do a quick 10 interesting/embarrassing things about myself and you people can have a good read.

1. I LOVE food but cant cook much! Majority of the food posts you see Insta is my husband cooking and me assisting. Food has the ability to really lift my spirits and vice-a-versa. Favourite is oriental and pizza :D

Thats me relishing the tastiest lassi at Mishrilal, Jodhpur

2. To travel is to live! Yes I completely believe in it and have travelled to more than 35 countries, you can read up a bit on my travel journey here. Unfortunately it doesn’t help that my husband doesn’t like travelling and like usual couples we fight on it a lot. Do you guys also face this?

Location: Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia

3. Have an unhealthy obsession with Instagram. I am trying to cut down the time but I would like to believe I am better off than a few

4. I used to be 45 kgs in school and people used to call me all names and now I am much healthier and fitter. I exercise 4 times a week which has helped me in curing a lot of my health issues as well

5. I took science and did 2 degrees in maths and I don’t use any of it now. Not something am very proud of but definitely happy I had the guts to change my career direction into something I love

Always trying to get the perfect shot which annoys my husband to no end

6. My husband is super shy and like my Insta madness, he has an obsession with sports (especially cricket) and video games. How typical of a boy! But I hate it and we always fight over this. I don’t understand how can someone like cricket that much? Ugh

Sometimes I manage to get him to pose, only sometimes

7. I am bit of a Bollywood queen and it’s a stress buster for me. I’ll generally know all the b’wood gossip and the OOTDs and airport looks

8. I have a phobia with snakes (actually all reptiles, lizard also yuck) and even the sight of them on TV gives me the creeps.

9. I cannot say NO to people which is probably my worst quality. I have improved a bit but still I genuinely struggle a LOT.

10. Lastly House Of Ekam is something born out of 100% passion and love. Its not a regular boutique home store where we are trying to rip off the customer by exorbitant pricing or fake information. We only source products which we believe aren’t available easily online and are willing to go any level to make the shopping experience for our customers truly different.

So that’s about it I guess. Its my first take on such a blog and I hope you guys liked reading it.



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  • Piyush Bansal

    Superb. Finally know 10 interesting things about yourself through this blog :)

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