Quarantine your way through this lockdown

Its safe to say that I’ve heard the word Corona more than Corona (the beer) and that’s a stat I am not liking. Corona is actually my favorite beer but more on that later. I’ve read a lot about the virus in papers, websites and even thought of buying a book on infectious diseases but to keep my sanity I didn’t.

It is easy to say there is always something good associated with whatever happens and I am trying to find the good in Corona. The obvious goods are the rebirth of mother earth, getting time to do things you always wanted, spending quality time with your loved ones etc. BUT are we really doing it? Has your screen time increased like me and my husband? Are you okay to stay at home for 21 days 24 hours? Are you feeling okay mentally? Instagram has been flooded with a lot of influencers posting inspirational videos and stories but no one is posting of how tough it is to stay indoors.

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I had gone in the morning 2 days back to shop for some essentials and am not lying, it felt like heaven. The fresh air and trees made me feel so good and that is when I don’t even like the city I live in. It is tough to be motivated, keep doing your work, eat healthy, reduce screen time and not fight with your loved ones because of intrusion of personal space. So I thought I’ll write about a few things which am planning and have done to increase my productivity and most importantly be sane.

  1. Do what you love

Its as simple as that. A lot of people are writing to pick up a new hobby, try out different things etc. Yes do that but firstly do what you like! Be it reading a magazine or a heavy book, working your ass off or cleaning. Just focus on what you like to do and don’t be influenced by what people are posting in their stories.

 Qurantine corona blog

Qurantine corona blog

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  1. Make it pretty

No one, mind you no one likes to stay in a dirty untidy house. If you do like to stay in a dirty place then we cant be friends :/

I for one derive a lot of energy from my surroundings. For example, if the kitchen is dirty, you don’t feel like eating, if the work space Is untidy then you wont feel like working and if your washroom is in a bad shape then one definitely feels yucky. So first and foremost, arrange & organize your most frequented places in the house and make it beautiful. You will surely feel better and at ease

 Quarantine corona blog

Look at the work from home space I created for my husband yesterday. I really want to steal it now though

  1. Do 1 productive thing a day

Easy to say but trust me once you are doing a productive activity, one automatically feels that the day hasn’t been wasted. The activity can be anything be it work related, hobby related or even arranging your wardrobe but you try to do atleast 1 thing

 Quarantine corona virus

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  1. Journal it out

If you love writing then this is the perfect time to journal this historic period. Very soon our kids will be reading about the pandemic in their books and you might as well add some notes or have tips for their future homework 😉

 Quarantine corona blog

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  1. Eat good food

For me, food plays a very important part in uplifting my mood so eat what you like while controlling the calories a bit. Obviously one would like to eat pizza and cake everyday but in 21 days of isolation, healthy should be the choice. 

Quarantine corona blog

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Healthy food can be made interesting too by adding small twists like make your everyday baingan to baked aubergine with Greek yoghurt or a simple raw mango chutney to go with your dal chawal or aata chocochip cookies for the midnight hunger.


Quarantine corona blog


Quarantine corona blog

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6. Exercise

Go for a short walk or exercise indoors or run with your toddler, some sort of physical activity is a must during this time. Plus with the amount of household chores, am sure you must be already doing a lot but give sometime to your body please

So stay safe, stay indoors. And if you feel you are having mild symptoms of the disease, dont panic, self isolate yourself and hydrate. 

Till then, lets spread positivity and lets not make a competition of who did what in these 21 days.



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